Do I need any locally installed servers to run LoopAssist?

No, the only thing needed is internet connection for the devices – we also recommend to connect the room panels with POE (Power Over Ethernet)

How do I configure buttons/text/pictures on the panels?

You log on to a web configuration console, configure all the settings there and the changes will be deployed to the panels during the night.

Can I have several “assistant” devices?

Yes, you can have as many assistant devices as you like. Just need to have additional LoopAssist licenses.

Can I have several locations and configure/manage all of them from the same web console?

Yes, you can configure as many locations as you like – no additional cost.

How does the license model for LoopAssist work?

It’s a subscription pr.room/year (It also includes the hardware device for the room).

In addition you need to buy devices and subscribe for the number of assistant devices you want