Please note that LoopAssist is only sold thru registered resellers.
For quotation, please contact your local reseller. If you do not have any preferred reseller, please contact us and we will connect you with one of our partnes.

LoopAssist - Customer startup fee1009One time setup fee
LoopAssist - pr. room/year (Including touch panel)373Price pr. year including 10 inch panel wall or table mount
LoopAssist - License /year for extra panel or handheld device95Price pr. year
LoopAssist - 10 inch panel - Wall or table mount357Requires license (101505)
LoopAssist - Handheld 5,5inch device357Requires license (101505)

Example: 9 Conference rooms and 2 assistants with LoopAssist

1 pcs. Customer startup fee                          1.090€ – One time fee
9 pcs. Pr. room/year (Including panel)      3.357€ (9×373€) – Annual fee
2 pcs. Handheld 5,5inch device                       714€ (2×357€) – One time fee
2 pcs. License /year for handheld device      190€ (2×95€) – Annual fee

Total year one:   5.351€
Total year two:   3.547€