Please note that LoopBooking is only sold thru registered resellers.
For quotation, please contact your local reseller. If you do not have any preferred reseller, please contact us and we will connect you with one of our partnes.

Basis license 1-5 rooms1.410One time setup fee if you have between 1-5 rooms
Basis license 6-10 rooms2.074One time setup fee if you have between 6-10 rooms
Basis license 11-20 rooms3.070One time setup fee if you have between 11-20 rooms
Basis license 21-30 rooms4.865One time setup fee if you have between 21-30 rooms
Exchange/O365/Google syncronization Startup fee / tenant830Optional - setup syncronization module, one time fee pr. tenant
Annual Room license 1-5 rooms299Pr. room/year (if you have between 1-5 rooms)
Annual Room license 6-10 rooms274Pr. room/year (if you have between 6-10 rooms)
Annual Room license 11-20 rooms249Pr. room/year (if you have between 11-20 rooms)
Annual Room license 21-30 rooms164Pr. room/year (if you have between 21-30 rooms)
Annual Exchange/O365/Google syncronization415Optional - syncronization module, annual license pr. tenant

Example: 9 rooms with LoopBooking
1 pcs. Basis license 6-10 rooms                   1.822€ (One time fee)
9 pcs. Annual Room license 6-10 rooms    2.466€ (9×274€)

Total year one:   4.288€
Total year two:   2.466€