Look at this guide for instructions on how to update the device:


2.1.166 – Des. 2023

  • Fixed perfomance and other issues with Multiroom/Reception mode
  • Fixed reboot loop issue
  • Added support for instant booking of Google Meet.
    If enabled an online meeting will be created in the room calendar when booking on the panel.
    Support for Teams Meetings where added in version 2.136.

2.1.157 – Nov. 2023

  • Added Yellow color if the room is free, but there are 15 minutes or less to the
    next meeting in the room.
    (In addition to Yellow if there I 10 minutes or less remaining of current meeting.)
  • Fixed issue when booking on panel for more than one week ahead.
    Now prevents possible double bookings.
  • Fixed issue with timezones India and Sri Lanka
  • Fixed issue with keyboard when adding meeting on Android 11 devices

2.1.141 – Aug. 2023

  • Added option for sending daily reminder emails
    If enabled each room will every morning send email with list of today’s bookings.
    This as a reminder so booking can be cancelled.
  • Simplified app settings on panel if controlled by central configuration
  • Add option to touch the “circle” to do instant bookings and change booking.
  • Fixed show IP address on configuration page

2.1.136 – July. 2023

  • Added better error handling when loading rooms
  • Added option to book Teams meeting directly on panel
    If enabled booking done on panel wil automatically also be a teams meeting.
    MTR devices in the room will then get the “Join” button enabled and you can add other’s to the meeting.

2.1.134 – June. 2023

  • Updated libraries
  • Fixed date/time issue when booking thru multiroom

2.1.130 – June. 2023

  • Added possibility to run “Beta” versions of LoopMeeting
  • Added support for LED on YC-D101T panel
  • New initial setup screen
  • Fixed small issue with Google “Show Meeting Schedule”
    (when room has declined booking.)
  • Changed from max 25 to 30 rooms in Multiroom view.
  • Fixed reload settings issue
  • Skipping roomlists with unsupported email address (MSgraph)
  • By default – do not verify roomlists and rooms when loading config
    Loads config much fater in large environments.

2.1.106 – April. 2023

  • Fixed crash issue for “Multiroom” and “Show Meeting Schedule”
  • Fixed update issue with “Show Meeting Schedule”
  • Replaced DB engine to new version.
  • Fixed DB migration during update.

2.0.99 – Mar. 2023

  • Added tile size function for reception mode
  • Set max retry booking time if backend not available
  • Add support for large environments with +100 roomlists
  • Fix need for double confirmation if booked on panel
  • Language changes

2.0.90 – Dec. 2022

  • Change – Do not show time left if < 24 hours to next event
  • Fix Multiroom issues
  • Fix – Corrupted configuration issue
  • Smaller bugfixes
  • Small Dutch language change
  • Added simple debug function
  • Removed local change if managed by central config.
  • Add support for Android 11
  • Add support for sending IP and MAC to central config

2.0.62 – Sept. 2022

  • Status update to admin console every hour
  • Fix Multiroom issues
  • Max 100 rooms in multiroom view
  • Change – Multiroom is now sorted alphabetically
  • Fix for LoopBooking (Excessive token requests)

2.0.56 – July. 2022

  • Fixed issue with very large Google environments
  • Added LED support for ProDVX 10SLB and 10XPL devices
  • Added LED support for new LM-08SM (8 inch panel)
  • Removed Local setup for O365 and Google (Use Central Setup)

2.0.50 – June. 2022

  • Fixed issue with roomlist with more than 100 rooms in O365

2.0.48 – March. 2022

  • Fixed room list issue in Multiroom when list has special characters
  • Fixed Google issue if one invite has declined the meeting
  • Changed Multiroom sorting mechanism to better support environments
    with several hundreds of rooms.
    (To ensure app does not become unresponsive)

2.0.39 – Des. 2021

  • Added support for Greek language
  • Fixed issue with multiroom settings loading
  • Fixed private meeting issues in O365 MSgraph API.
  • Added support for IAdea XDS-1078 Panel

2.0.35 – Nov. 2021

  • Added “reload settings” from first step in settings menu
    (So everyone can initiate settings instantly).
  • Fixed crash issue when running in portrait mode
  • Fixed small Google issue
  • Fixed LoopBooking “back in time” issue generating requests

2.0.29 – Aug. 2021

  • Fixed MSgraph bug, week meeting fetch. Changed API request.
  • Added option to enable/disable semi transparent status color (Green/Red/Yellow) if you have background signage or picture.
  • Added function –  app settings needs to be reset before changing backend URL or config code

2.0.24 – June. 2021

  • Added option to enable/disable booking on the panel for more than one day ahead. Default setting is disable.

2.0.20 – May. 2021

  • Fixed LoopBooking instant booking issue after backend change.

2.0.19 – Mar. 2021

  • Fixed MSgraph for some special O365 / Exchange hybrid installations.
  • Fixed language issue

2.0.09 – Nov. 2020

  • Updated LoopSign as a background feature – more info
  • Fixed app update from central admin for Android 6 devices.

2.0.06 – Okt. 2020

  • Add LoopSign as a background feature (Beta) – more info
  • Change Multiroom functionality to fix “Same rooms present in several roomlists”
    Note – For some customers the multiroom configuration needs to be set again.
  • Fix an issue with booking on panel with Google calendar.

1.0.99 – Okt. 2020

  • Add function to update app from initial setup screen
  • Fixed bug for portrait view

1.0.98 – Sept. 2020

  • Add “clean room” option to comply with health policy (Covid19)
  • Add support for “status” feedback to central config. (Beta)
  • Change API for “Get Roomlist” in Office365/MSgraph.
  • Fixed “long room ID” issue in Google Suite
  • Added O365 EWS Oauth2 (For backwards compatibility to hybrid environments)

1.0.92 – June. 2020

  • Fixed email feedback issue
  • Adjusted Faroe Islands language

1.0.88 – March. 2020

  • Timewheel will not start countdown before there are 60 minutes or less remaining time before the meeting ends
  • Added Faroe Islands language
  • Fixed that rejected meetings in Google calendar will not show on the panel
  • Fixed central config renewal token issue with Google Calendar

1.0.85 – Jan. 2020

  • When Google meeting is flagged “private” it will not show subject if subject is enabled
  • Support for Google Roomlists
  • Added Central config option for LoopBooking
  • Forced large letters when entering room config code
  • Small cosmetic fixes
  • Online/offline status in Central Config. App will report status once every 24 hour.
    *If no status >24 hours- Yellow/Offline.
    *If no status >72 hours – Red/Offline
  • Minor bug fixes for LoopBooking

1.0.80 – Des. 2019

  • Multi room background synchronization optimized
  • Fixed central config issue
  • Fixed some small bugs.
  • Added confirmation question before reset setup

1.0.77 – Nov. 2019

  • Added Polish and “nynorsk” language
  • Fixed LED control issue on LM1012T produced September 2019 and later.
  • Added “-” (dash) between meeting subject and meeting booker’s name if you select to show meeting subject.
  • Added option not show meeting bookers name if you show meeting subject.
  • Fixed issue with Google and recurring meetings
  • Official Support for MSgraph API’s
  • Fixed connection issue with new LoopBooking API’s
  • Minor change to Swedish and Latvian translation
  • When Offline removed option to “ignore” when booking on panel.
  • Fixed minor issues with App update
  • Added meeting time and host when sending equipment feedback email.

1.0.59 – June. 2019

  • Added Time Zone configuration under Advanced setup to override Android OS config. (Works on LM-xxxx panels.)
  • If you change language in LoopMeeting it will automatically change keyboard layout as well (Works on LM-xxxx panels.)
  • Changed Web Admin to match all configurations options in LoopMeeting.

1.0.56 – June. 2019

  • Added yellow LED light (10 minutes or less of current meeting) for the LM-1212T panel. (Panels produced in May 2019 and after)
  • Minor change to Danish translation
  • Add server type Office 365 – easier configuration for Office 365 environment with prefixed URL.
  • Shows full name of booker when using Google and not only email address.
  • Apply PIN code from Web Admin config.

1.0.51 – Apr. 2019

  • Added config download from Central Admin every 24th hour.  So if you change settings in central Admin the panels will be automatically updated.
  • Added LoopMeeting App update trigger from Central Admin. So if you select Update in Central Admin, panels will update to latest LoopMeeting app version.
  • Added optional daily scheduled reboot of the panel
  • Small change in Swedish translation
  • Small change to LoopBooking Meeting information
  • Small change to Meeting Schedule on the right
  • Change to logo and background picture handling (Compatibility for LG with Android 4.4)
  • Updated Beta, MSgraph (New generation API for Office 365)

1.0.43 – Feb. 2019

  • Added Support for Google GSuite / Google Apps for Work
  • Added “Advanced settings” page to make it easier to configure.
  • Changed so meetings booked on panel is instantly updated
  • Added option remove “remaining time wheel”
  • Added option “Set PIN code for booking/cancel meetings”
  • Added option – “Show meeting subject” (If enabled in Exchange)
  • Added option  – Show room schedule on right side (Up to one week ahead)
  • Add build in Kiosk mode (No need to use Startup and stay)
  • Added option to update application from advanced settings
  • Added Turkish language
  • Next Meeting will now show next meeting even if it’s up to one week in the future
  • Time Wheel will show free time up to one week in the future
  • Fixed issue with Confirm meeting when room is free (adds time to confirm up to 10 minutes before meeting starts)
  • Changed – when doing “speed” bookings you need to press finished.
  • If panel is “offline” you can not book meetings and get option to reboot panel.
  • Added cancellation email to booker if meeting is not confirmed (If Automatic cancel is enabled)
  • Beta, MSgraph (New generation API for Office 365)

1.0.23 – Dec. 2018

  • Add option to run Exchange connection both with TLS and SSL (For backwards compatibility)
  • Add Demo mode – Possibility to run App in demo mode for testing without License
  • Small change in Italian language translation
  • Changed to a bit lower brightness for the LED light indicators on LM-1012T panel

1.0.20 – Nov. 2018

  • Added “connection to back-end environment” indicator
  • Fixed logo bug, Android 6
  • Fixed stability issues – Android 6
  • Change language bug fix for Android 6.
  • New database and room synchronization engine to optimize for large and slow environments.
  • Fix memory/storage leak bug if app is not restarted after initial config

1.0.8 – Nov. 2018

  • Removed mandatory periodical license validity check. (To fully support panels without internet connection)
  • Added support for LM-1012 LED light
  • Streamlining code for large environments and unstable networks.
  • Bug fix date format (US/Europe)
  • Enforce Android 4.4.x to use TLS 1.2 (For Office 365 compliance after 31.10.2018)
  • Added support for Finish, Dutch and Italian language
  • Added Google firebase application crash reporting – Sept. 2018

  • More info from App when connection to Exchange fails
  • Added support for Philips LED light
  • Changed “bottom and top area” to pure black
  • After 2 minutes of inactivity – goes back to main screen
  • In large/slow exchange environments added indicator during startup and prevent the OS to think the app is not responding.
  • Fixed Export settings issue
  • Added French language
  • Added “mail report back” for LoopBooking
  • Fixed  “reset setup” does not delete License key – Aug. 2018

  • Added License key
  • General bug fixes
  • Added support for LoopBooking
  • Added if meeting room is free, then confirm meeting is available 10 minutes before start.
  • Removed possibility to change/delete future scheduled meetings – Aug. 2017

  • First Official Version
    (First unofficial production version of LoopMeeting was launched Dec. 2016)