Please make sure you are using the latest version of LoopMeeting.

Check out the changelog and download latest version.


I have problem connecting to Office365

Microsoft will discontinue support for basic authentication and EWS api for Office365.
So in order to run LoopMeeting in your Office365 environment you need to use Oauth2 autentication and MSgraph api.
See the support page for further information on how to set up LoopMeeting and MSgraph API: LoopMeeting Support

My panel just shows a “blank black screen” with some small icons in the bottom?

In most cases this is due to some issue with configuration settings and a factory reset is needed.
Please see support document chapter 4 on how to do factory reset. LM-10xx configuration manual

How do i perform a factory reset of my panel?

Please see support document chapter 4 on how to do factory reset.
LM-10xx configuration manual

My panel “blinks” when i try to enter license key.

The picture just “blinks”  like this video: LoopMeeting “blink” video
Please follow these steps to correct this behavior

– You will see some menu items in the bottom of the screen between the blinks.
Try to press either the circle or the square when it pops up and exit the LoopMeeting application.

– When the application is closed, enter Android Settings
– Select “Apps & Notifications”
– Select application “LoopMeeting”
– Select “Storage and Cache”
– Press “Clear Storage”

Now exit settings and start the LoopMeeting application
Do NOT enter the license key, but select “Demo Mode”
Then select “App Update”
Now you can enter the license key and continue with configuration.

Why does my application “stop” and only display company logo at startup?

In some rare cases the configuration get’s corrupted.

To fix this issue you have to factory reset the panel, reconfigure and update to latest app version.
Please see support document chapter 4 on how to do factory reset.
LM-10xx configuration manual

I run Office365 and have LoopMeeting on LG or older Philips panel.

Microsoft will discontinue support for encryption protocols TLS 1.0 and 1.1 on Office 365.
Office 365 will depreciate TLS 1.0 and 1.1 starting from June 2020.

If you are using LG or Philips the LoopMeeting app needs to be updated to enforce TLS 1.2.
For LoopMeeting panels delivered after 2018 this is not an issue, they run TLS 1.2 by default.


If you want to be security compliant, download our latest version.

UPDATE: Office365 no longer support Android 4.4.
So if you are having trouble using Office365 on the LG and old Philips you might need to replace your panels.
You can still use your LoopMeeting license, so please contact us or your reseller to get a quotation.

Why does connection to my exchange environment fails?

Check out the Troubleshoot Video. There can be a number of reasons why you can’t connect to your exchange environment.

Here is an overview of the most common reasons:

The panel is not network connected.

Can be controlled by opening the Internet browser on the panel and try to open a web page.

The time and date is incorrect.

In Android OS, check time and date settings to see if it’s correct. If not, check time zone settings and that you have internet access for NTP time sync. If you want to use an internal NTP server, you can set the internal server here. Then restart the panel. It’s crucial that time and date is synchronised with a NTP server.

The exchange server credentials is wrong, server address is wrong, or the the panel can’t reach the Exchange environment.

This can be checked by opening the internet browser and your Outlook Web Access – https://”your_exchange_server”/owa log on with the credentials to see it it’s correct.