Tips & Tricks


How to configure Exchange, Office365, Google and ICAL for connection to Calendar Widget

You can connect to Exchange, Office365, Google and ICAL calendars with the Calendar widget.
Please see this guides on how to prepare your calendar environment so it can be used with LoopSign.

And check this video:

How to run LoopSign as a background on your LoopMeeting panels

You can run LoopSign as a background on your LoopMeeting panels. By using this feature you have endless design options to create a dynamic background on you meeting room panels.

How to integrate your social media into LoopSign

In order to make a more advanced look and aggregate your social media you can integrate directly with your social media aggregation wall.

First create an account at

Then you can either use the wall URL directly in the WEB widget or a better option is to use LoopSign HTML embed code and integrate with code from

In the “Embed & Display section in, set the size you want. If you like full page choose 1920×1080.  Select “Iframe” and copy the code into the HTML Code Widget.


How to show live data from Google Sheets in LoopSign.
  • In the File menu, select “Publish to web”
  •  Then select “Entire document”, “Web Page”, and press “Publish”
  • Copy the URL and paste it in the LoopSign Website Widget.
How to show Google Slides in LoopSign.
  • In the File menu, select “Publish to web”
  •  Then select “Embed”, and set whatever settings you like then press “Publish”
  • Copy the HTML code to clipboard (ctrl+c) and paste it in the LoopSign HTML Code Widget.
How to configure monitoring dashboard in LoopSign

The Dashboard function in LoopSign enables you to have an overview of the status for your different screens.

  • Make sure to select the screens you want to monitor by setting the checkbox in the upper left corner.
  • Set the operating hours for the screen so it corresponds with the on/off timer on the actual player/screens that plays the content.
LoopSign Notification Application

The Notification function extends LoopSign and enable mobile workers to get Digital Signage content directly on their phone.

With this extension and app you can publish different communication channels created in LoopSign directly to your workers phones. You can create content channels and distribute the codes to your workers to enable them to subscribe.  You can have as many “channels” as you want to differentiate communication to different departments and groups.

It also support push notification so workers get notified when one of the channels they subscribe to is updated.

This is a perfect solution enable employees that are not normally at the office to get the same information as employees that are at the office. 

Note that this option requires you to buy the Notification option for LoopSign.
The app is available for IOS and Android, so just download the app “LoopSign Notification” from Google Play or App store.

Here is a demo video of how it works

Run LoopSign screen in a Iframe

In some cases you would like to run LoopSign screen as a frame (Iframe) Either in an existing website or in some device that requires you to run it as a frame. To do so, simply add the following “string” in the end of the screen url. ?skipSosCheck=true

So as an example a url will look like this: